How about healthy cookies for any day? There many recipes of no bake cookies. Cute, fast, delicious and healthy. But what form they are? Is it circle? Yeah? Recommend you to try something new. Use cookies cutters to change the form of your healthy cookies. There are 3 different way how to do it.
1) Spray the inside of your cookie cutters with non-stick spray. Fill form with mixture. Use spoon to do it. Than freeze and remove. Better way is to use steel cutter. Kids love hero and animals cookies. Try Batman cookie cutter! These cutter are high quality and perfect for any you deserts.

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2) Use silicon molder. Spray  you mold and fill with warm mixture. After 3-4 hours remove and enjoy. Don’t use large form. Heart mold is very cute!

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3) Distribute the weight of baking paper. When it cools down a little – Use cookie cutter. Carefully remove with a cutter insert on table or paper. Remove the cutter. Leftovers can be used for the decoration of cakes and other desserts. Or warm up and create a new cookie. Plastic multi-size cookie cutters allow to create any size of cookies.

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Enjoy delicious and healthy cookies!